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How to get an RH Insurance policy

  • Step 1: Contact our brokers

    Call 1-888-616-1868 to speak with one of our licensed tenant insurance brokers.

  • Step 2: Share some info

    Provide us with a few details and receive customized renters insurance quotes from our top providers.

  • Step 3: Finalize your policy

    Select your lowest rate and secure the property insurance coverage you need.

What you need to know about tenant insurance

Tenant insurance (also known as renters insurance) provides you with coverage while you’re living on someone else’s property. While you won’t need building protection because your landlord is responsible for damages to the dwelling, a tenant insurance policy provides financial coverage for claims regarding liability, contents, and living expenses. 

In Canada, tenant insurance isn’t mandatory by law, but many landlords will require renters to get a policy as a stipulation in the leasing contract. And even if you aren't bound to making the purchase, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself against any unique risks ahead of time. You wouldn't want one small incident to cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you're currently shopping for renters insurance, we've got you covered. Read on to learn more about the specialized coverage you need.

What a tenant insurance policy covers

Renters insurance policies may differ depending on the insurance provider you choose, but you can expect a standard policy to include the following three coverages.


Living expenses


Common renters insurance policy add-ons

Insurance companies typically offer optional add-ons, so you can select enhanced coverages that suit your specific needs – here are a few examples of endorsements you can ask your provider about. 

  • Overland water – This coverage protects you financially in the event your rented property floods due to above-ground water from severe weather conditions. While you probably won’t be responsible for paying out the damages, you might need insurance for your temporary living expenses. 

  • Sewer backup – Similar to overland water coverage, sewer backup also protects you financially against flooding – but only when the water comes from the city sewage drain. Consider adding this endorsement to your tenant policy if you’re renting a basement unit.

  • Identity theft – This coverage provides the funds for recovery if your personal information, such as your passport, credit card, or bank information, is ever stolen and used to commit a crime. 

  • Additional contents – Tenant insurance policies have a cap on your contents insurance. If you’re in need of a higher limit, you can opt for additional contents coverage to ensure your valuables, such as jewellery and art, are adequately protected.

How much does tenant insurance cost in Ontario?

The cost of renters insurance differs on a case-to-case basis, but you can expect to pay about $15 to $25 each month for coverage. To find the exact cost you'll be paying, be sure to get a tenant insurance quote with us today.

How to get cheap tenant insurance

  • Bundle tenant and auto policies

    Selecting one carrier for all your insurance needs can decrease the cost of your premiums substantially.

  • Agree to a soft credit check

    Good credit can lead to lower home insurance rates as it shows insurers you’re financially responsible.

  • Install condo safety systems

    Installing a monitored alarm system doesn’t just reduce your risk – it can also decrease your renters insurance premium.

Factors affecting your renters insurance online quote.

  1. Property type

    Renting larger spaces can increase the cost of your tenant insurance as you’ll have more contents and an increased risk of liability.

  2. Credit score

    Good credit can lower your renters insurance premium as it shows your provider you’re capable of making payments on time. A soft credit check isn’t mandatory when you purchase your policy, but it may be worth the potential discount.

  3. Location

    Renting in an area prone to crime or severe weather events can increase the cost of your coverage as you’re more likely to make a tenant insurance claim.

  1. Past claims history

    If you’ve made several claims in the past, your insurer may view you as a high risk, therefore increasing the cost of your tenant coverage.

  2. Personal belongings

    The more valuable your belongings, the more insurance you’ll need to make sure they’re adequately protected. So if you own all the latest technology or collect expensive art pieces, expect to pay higher premiums.

  3. Business use

    Running a business out of your unit could increase your premium as you’re more susceptible to liability risks. And in some cases, you may need home-based business coverage or a commercial insurance policy for the added protection.

Ready to speak with us about your renters insurance needs?

We’ve got you covered – in just a few minutes, you can view customized renters insurance quotes from top providers and select your low rate.

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