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What you need to know about motorcycle insurance

In Canada, you’ll need a motorcycle insurance policy to take out your bike for a ride – it’s required by law. While the mandatory and optional types of coverage work similarly to that of a conventional car policy, motorcycle insurance is its own form of auto insurance. Therefore, you won’t be able to simply add your bike as a secondary vehicle on your current car policy. 

Depending on the province or territory you live in, there are slight differences when it comes to the rules and regulations of your coverage. Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada, for instance, run on a no-fault auto insurance system – meaning you'll only be dealing with your own insurer after a collision. 

If you're currently shopping around for bike insurance, we've got you covered. Read on to learn more about how motorcycle insurance works in Canada.

Mandatory motorcycle insurance coverages

In Ontario, the four required types of coverages on a motorcycle insurance policy are third-party liability, accident benefits, uninsured motorist protection, and direct compensation for property damage. Keep in mind, however, that most riders extend beyond the minimum with additional coverages.

Third-party liability

Accident benefits

Uninsured motorist

Direct compensation property damage (DCPD)

Recommended types of bike insurance

The minimum required coverages on your motorcycle insurance policy might not be enough – if you want coverage for vehicle repairs and replacements, consider the following recommended types of bike insurance for a more customized package.

Collision insurance

Comprehensive insurance

All perils insurance

Specified perils insurance

Common bike insurance endorsements

On top of the required and recommended coverages, you can also purchase motorcycle insurance endorsements, so you can customize your policy to suit all your needs. While there is a wide range of Ontario Policy Change Forms (OPCFs) you can choose from, here are a few common ones among riders. 

  • Loss of use coverage (OPCF20) – This foots the bill of temporary transit, such as a rental vehicle, while you’re waiting for your bike to be repaired or replaced due to an insured risk.

  • Non-owned vehicle coverage (OPCF27) – This endorsement extends the coverage on your motorcycle policy to a non-owned vehicle you’re riding, such as your friend’s bike or a rental. 

  • Accident forgiveness waiver (OPCF39) – After your first at-fault collision, your motorcycle insurance rate won’t increase if you have accident forgiveness on your policy. 

  • Removing depreciation deduction (OPCF43) – This add-on removes your provider's ability to account for your bike’s depreciation when you’re settling a total loss insurance claim.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Ontario?

The cost to insure a motorcycle will differ on an individualized basis, but the average annual premium in Ontario is about $1,600. The find the exact cost you’ll be paying, speak to one of our licensed auto brokers today.

How to get cheap motorcycle insurance

  • Bundle insurance policies

    Combining your car, home, and motorcycle insurance under one provider can lead to substantial savings.

  • Install anti-theft technology

    Taking safety measures to reduce the likelihood of theft on your bike can lead to lower premiums.

  • Ask about association discounts

    Insurers often offer discounts to alumni or members of specific associations and riding clubs.

What factors affect your motorcycle insurance rates?

  1. Demographics

    Generally speaking, the younger you are, the more expensive your motorcycle insurance will be. That’s because young riders are statistically more likely to get into an accident than older, more experienced riders.

  2. License class

    Getting your M license can reduce the cost of your bike premium substantially. Many insurers won’t offer coverage to newly licensed (M1) riders, so graduating through the license class system earlier will also open up more options when it comes to finding cheap motorcycle insurance.

  3. Vehicle usage

    The more you take out your bike, the more you’ll be paying for coverage. That’s because a higher usage leads to the increased potential of having to make an insurance claim.

  4. Driving record

    A history of at-fault accidents and traffic convictions will lead to more expensive coverage as your motorcycle insurance company will see you as a high risk of making a future claim.

  5. Bike model

    Sports bikes or motorcycles with a high CC will typically increase the cost of your coverage as you’re more likely to use the vehicle for racing – which auto insurance companies don’t like to see.

  1. Type of motorcycle insurance

    The more coverage you add to your policy, the more expensive your insurance premium will be. Consider the options that cater to your specific needs, as you don’t want to be overinsured or underinsured.

  2. Location

    Riding in the city comes with enhanced risks – including collisions, theft, and vandalism – when compared to riding in the suburbs, therefore increasing your motorcycle premium. And if you store your bike out in the open, you could be subject to higher rates.

  3. Chosen deductible

    The higher the deductible you set, the lower your insurance rate will be. Be sure to weigh the risk against the reward, as you’ll need to foot this part of the premium before your insurer provides the rest.

  4. Applicable discounts

    It never hurts to ask your motorcycle insurer about any available discounts. Bundling your policy with your auto and home coverage can lead to a large rate deduction.

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